Hire Full-Time Developers from LATAM!

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We trully know about your problems.

If you're a CEO or CTO, our services will make sense to you, we can help you get the best team ever in LATAM working with you and we got other add-ons needed to make them work lightning fast and effective.

Dedicated Teams

We will understand your project and propose the best Team to work on it, we will support your team to make sure your project success.

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Cloud Operations

Let us take control of your infrastructure, we rock managing Kubernetes Clusters, Serverless Functions and our DevOps support Team will make it work as you dream.

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Microservice Outsourcing

Yes, we can deliver production-ready microservices for your team to consume, this is how we make your team focus on core apps and UX while we take care of functions.

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It's not only about throwing people to a project!

We know software development operations, the teams work to solve problems, but we can help your dedicated teams solve it faster, in our service, we include:

  • Mentoring
  • Code Standards
  • Reusable Code and Assets
  • Help in Production Problems

We're not here to just throw developers, we're here to help you while helping them to succeed on your projects!

icon Grow your startup

Hyper-Accelerate your Projects

As you can see, our services are focused on get you the best talent available in LATAM and help them build those ideas into production as fast as ever.

We know the struggle when you need a tech team for a startup and you don't know if you should hire, outsoucre or rely on freelancers, we are here to help you, we will be there in any moment you need.Our services fix real-world problems with startups and deficient tech teams we have helped startups in LATAM, the US and Europe to focus on their business while we take care of tech operations.

We haven't lost a client since we started on 2018, our only focus is to help you and your teams suceed, what could go wrong if you're in the hands of the experts?


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