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DevOps is really one of the most important roles in todays Software Development teams, however finding the right person might be challenging.

That's why we decided to create a guide that will help you in your next role search, made with DevOps Engineers from latam and nearshore companies in mind. Below, you'll find all the information you need when it comes to hiring an engineer for this position: required skills, culture.

Tech Skills for a DevOps Engineer:

According to Upgrad the most demanding skills for a DevOps Engineer on 2021 are:

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Source Code Management
  • Configuration Management and IaaC
  • Continuous Integration/Testing/Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Containerization
  • Github/Gitlab/BitBucket Management

The special thing about this role, is that the the most needed skill is the understanding of the concepts of DevOps and knowledge on some key tools like Docker, Bash Scripting, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture and Networking, from there you can use any different flavor of tools in the market.

If your company or startup has already chosen a Tech Stack or Tools to use for their Software Lifecycle management, any DevOps Engineer with the above mentioned skills will be able to adapt to it very quickly.

The most important thing is that they are willing to learn new tools and technologies, anytime, anywhere , in order to help the company getting back on track with their projects if there is an issue with one of these or work together to increase productivity.

Another important aspect is the ability to talk about code issues, since this position is a key-problem-solver for developers, they must be able to explain in a clear and understandable way why a piece of code is not working as expected.

Not only because anyone in the team will be able to do it, but also in order to reduce time for debugging by developers when something goes wrong.

In conclusion, the DevOps Engineer must have solid background on Operations tasks.

LATAM has a lot of experienced DevOps Engineers, when we talk about costs, we resume to this:

Mexico DevOps Engineer Salary: $41,000 MXN/mo = $2,050 USD/mo

hire DevOps Engineers

United States DevOps Engineer Salary: $101,756 USD/yr or $8,479 USD/mo

hire DevOps Engineers

Yes we know, those are the perks of a country that is not that expensive to live in, great people and lots of things to do!

It does not only come to costs, when we talk about quality we can tell that this position in particular is one of the most remote aligned position ever, since some of their tasks are aimed to automation, collaboration, observability autonomy and remote-enablement.

Some of our Tech Leads have helped companies in Sillicon Valley scale their applications and infrastructure and they will be also responsable of hiring this DevOps Engineers for you so we make sure you get the best developers in LATAM, also we have to mention this tech leads will always be in contact with your DevOps engineers in case they need mentorship, advise or help in any emergency situation.


We are not here just to write articles 😉 we actually offer a full service that covers:

- Evaluating your specific needs and workflows. We will also present an estimate of what it would cost to hire the people that match your requirements.

- Working side by side with your team as Tech Leads ensuring that everything is going smoothly. Our tech leads will coach and mentor you and your team during onboarding so even if something unexpected happens they will be there for you.  

- We will hire and supervise the DevOps Engineers assigned to your team

- We tailor our hiring process based on your needs so you can be sure that all processes are in line with what works for you.

- We are also flexible with payments (monthly)

Our consultants will help define your needs regarding:

How many developers? What level (Senior)?

The process flow configuration for each country and state based on your requirements should be ready after 2 weeks tops!

Hire DevOps Engineers


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