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Freelancers vs Dedicated Teams

As a business owner, you've probably considered outsourcing business activities at least once. Because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and direct link between you and the contractor, it is frequently a good option.

If you Google for a list of freelance internet sites, the quantity of platforms that come up will be incredible. How can you locate a competent individual? Is it possible for an individual to do the work well? You only want to employ on the greatest freelance websites to avoid wasting your time and money.

Freelancers are great for small projects, which you can’t justify the expenses of a full-time employee. They also work well if you need to scale up or down quickly. The downside is that freelancers don't have an official company email address and phone number, so it's easy to forget about them until they send their invoice at month end.

Dedicated teams provide greater accountability than freelancing because the team will report directly to one person on your staff who has ultimate responsibility for project success (i.e., someone whose job performance rating hinges on whether the project is completed successfully). Dedicated resources may cost more per hour than freelancers but give companies access to dedicated skillsets not available on freelancers since freelance is a solo Job and a Dedicated Team is an accompanied service with free top notch Tech leads consultancy.

Dedicated teams provide better customer service than freelancers because companies can track down a dedicated resource to get an answer, whereas freelancers may be unreachable or unavailable. Plus using a Dedicated Team will save you from the hassle of recruiting for new contractors continuously and lack of trust issues at time when hiring long-term employees. Freelancing is not easy as it seems! Hire Quo experts if you want success in your digital product development!

These are a few differences of Freelancers vs Dedicated Teams.

  1. Accountability: When we talk about accountability, it is hard to trust freelancers. They are not accountable for the work they have done and the impact to the business. On contrary, dedicated teams can provide you with full project accountability, they are the people that will be always responsable for the project successs.
  2. Lack of project management: When working with freelancers, there is no one to manage the projects. Project manager role needs to be done by you which takes up your time and affects other areas in business growth. On the contrary, dedicated teams have a PM who will handle all aspects of development process - planning & scoping, designing , coding etc . We know that every second counts when it comes to digital product success so hiring professionals helps avoid waste of resources!
  3. Project ownership: Freelancing leads to lack of clear goals for client-vendor relationship. You don't know exactly what are they doing or how much they charge per hour since everything depends on them only. On another hand, Dedicated Teams take full responsibility of the time dedicated to your projects, everything is managed by the PMO thay will report the effort spent to you.
  4. Project management: One of the most important reasons why companies choose Dedicated Teams is because they get full control over vendor's work. You can monitor what your people are doing and if something doesn't fit expectations, PMO will change their priorities immediately! That way every time spent on project won't be wasted since all resources dedicated to it serve its purpose .
  5. Technical expertise: It happens very often that freelancers don't posses certain knowledge required for completing specific task or lack experience in particular area which might result into further complications during development process - delays , bugs etc . On other hand, when dealing with Dedicated Team you know exactly who does what so there won't be any unpleasant surprises at the end like missing feature and the Quo Value Cycle will make sure that our tech leads inject all the lacking knowledge to your team.
  6. Accompanied Development: It's crucial that team you choose for the job has an expertise in particular area. If they don't, project won't be finished on time and it will cost more than expected to fix bugs or implement missing features. With Dedicated Team this is never a problem because our tech leads are full stack developers who make sure your website scaling issues get fixed promptly. It'll save you valuable time which can be spent elsewhere .
  7. Priorities: Also , since freelancers usually have many clients at once, their attention might shift away from one of them if something else suddenly pops up - even though they promised to meet deadline with no problems . Needless to say all these distractions end up slowing down work process significantly while dedicated resources dedicate 100% focus towards your project.
  8. Dependency: When working on an ongoing project using freelancing services creates dependency as company might get stuck when no one is available at time of need or business may face break down if the whole team goes off together due to personal reasons without any explanation rendering your business directionless! Dedicated teams ensure continuity even while people move across projects ensuring there’s always someone around whom you can depend upon!
  9. Goals: On the other hand, dedicated teams can give your business an edge over competitors as they work towards achieving targets and KPIs set by the company!
  10. Emergency Maneuvers: Freelancers will aim to deliver whatever you need, and that's exactly what they will focus on, we know platforms are living beings and they will fail, that's a fact. Dedicated teams are more likely to deliver whatever you need, but even if something fails, they will be there for you since they are part of your team.

There are some sites like, Toptal, Chetu, Upstack, Markethire and which can provide you with freelancers as a transactional service, they all talk about providing the top talent from you, we think there's no value on just providing talent, we can do that, and we can do it very well but we add a free consultancy layer to lower project risks and make sure you just don't only get the best talent available in LATAM but also the best project blueprints so your talent will have all the tools needed to hyper-succeed.

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